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Our team at Cala Lily has worked together for over two decades. Their attention to every little detail in preparing the delicacies they serve is evident in the special dishes they prepare fresh for every order. 

They are committed not only to excellent customer service - they focus on the entire customer experience at Cala Lily.






Cala Lily is open

for Dinner only

Tuesday - Saturday

doors open at 4:30pm


 A Touch of Spain...

Rick Rivero​  - HEAD CHEF


Chef Rick Rivero, born in Spain, traveled extensively throughout culinary Europe and America; listening, learning and developing new concepts and ideas.

He joined with businessman Paul Anzaldi, and they brought in Ron Jelinek an
d a kitchen team that has worked together over 20 years. 

From all of this came Euro-American cuisine, a blending of culinary cultures.  

Simple and the Cala Lily.



Paul Anzaldi is co-owner and General Manager of Cala Lily. Paul worked in Information Technology for 30 years prior to opening Cala Lily with his business partner Rick “Chico” Rivero.


Paul’s background in business and finance has helped Cala Lily surpass their initial business plan expectations and is an integral part of today’s success.

Ron Jelinek - GRILL MASTER


Ron Jelinek is part of our culinary team and has been with Cala Lily since our inception in 2001. Ron’s expertise as our Grill Master is unparalleled producing amazing steaks, chops and other grilled items.


Ron also creates several of our special desserts. Ask if any of the desserts offered that evening was created by Ron and don’t hesitate to order it.

Chef Rivero and Mr. Anzaldi, along with their entire staff want only one thing from you…

Your enjoyment of their offerings.
They will always be at your service.

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