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Specialty Martinis

Our famous martini's are the best in the 'burgh!  

These are not your typical 2 or 3oz martini's you will

 find at other bars and restaurants, we pour a

 generous 4oz martini here at Cala Lily



van gogh triple espresso vodka, bailey's irish cream and kahlua


van gogh triple espresso vodka, malibu rum, coconut cream  

Grand Central

Marnier tini tito vodka, Grand marnier, orange juice, fresh lime  

Keylime Crumb Tini

graham cracker rim, vanilla vodka, vanilla syrup, roses's lime juice & cream  

Amaretto Cranberry Kiss Tini

grey goose l'orange, amaretto, cranberry juice & an orange twist

Cherry Lemon Drop

cherry vodka, lemon vodka, dash marachino cherry juice and fresh lemon 


Lemon Drop

sugar rim, citrus vodka, triple sec, sweet & sour cocktail mix 



pomegranate vodka, triple sec, POM juice & a splash of soda

Peachy Pomtini

pomegranate vodka, peach vodka, orange juice and fresh lemon squeeze 

Turtle Dove

vanilla vodka, frangelico liqueur, amaretto and cream

Raspberry Cafe Tini

van gogh triple espresso vodka, raspberry vodka, chocolate godiva & cream       

Cherry Chocolate Cordial
cherry vodka, creme de cacao, soda splash, chocolate swirled and with a cherry

Orange Dreamcicle

goose l'orange, vanilla syrup, splash of orange juice and fresh orange squeeze      
Jolly  Rancher

cherry vodka, grape vodka, apple pucker, cranberry juice, splash of sprite

Mango Tropitini

3 olives mango, coconut rum, pineapple and cranberry cocktail juice

Honey Whiskey Fizz

jim beam honey, simple syrup, sweet n sour mix and a splash of ginger ale

Coconut Cream Dream

malibu rum, whipped vodka, coconut cream, toasted coconut & lime in the coconut 

Cranberry Sparkle Flute

prosecco, splash of cranberry, fresh berries 

The Cosmo "original"

citrus vodka, cointreau, cranberry cocktail juice & a splash of lime

Switch up the Vodka Cosmo…

 olives mango ,  grey goose l'orange,  deep eddy grapefruit, Dp eddy, peach,

  3 olives pomegranate vodka  

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